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Tell me if this sounds like you...

You're a natural nurturer with a huge heart

You're a list-maker + action-taker

You're self-aware + spiritually-inclined

You're successful in all the ways society asks

You're tired + want guilt-free time of your own

You're amidst a shift, pivot or transition

You feel a sacred calling to receive more

My Story

You often go all in + have a tendency to overdeliver. 

You crave more balance.


In your commitment to exceeding expectations, you get overlooked at times.  You crave space to recenter yourself.


Despite your success, part of your brilliance remains untapped.

You crave a deeper expression of your inner wisdom.


Your thoughtful + perfectionistic nature sometimes gets you stuck in your head.  You crave clarity + confidence to take action.


You are empathic, sensitive + possibly introverted, and often deal with this alone. You crave an outlet to share + receive meaningful support.


You value your responsibilities, honor your duties + occasionally overcommit. You crave a seamless shift that won’t dismantle biz or home life.


You have an opportunity to grow beyond the status quo. You crave deep alignment + personal accountability.


You are high-performing + don’t have time to waste on a could-be-crisis. You are ready to be deeply intentional + avoid burnout.


Your life is actually pretty f*cking great. 

You don’t want an overhaul.

You want surgically-precise,

spiritually-aligned adjustments

that are simple, joyful + sustainable -

to make your life as sacred + exquisite as you are.