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  • Kate Woolsey

Are you ready to be waterproof??

Are you hiding out inside your business because you're afraid of the elements? Then it's time to ask the real question: will a little rain really hurt you???

This morning as I prepared to go for my morning walk, I checked the weather app. It was unusually warm with a chance of rain. I grabbed a raincoat and stepped outside.

Instantly, I could feel the storm brewing: the unusually high winds, the calm eerie feeling of weather about to turn.

I pressed on down my usual path. About 100 meters in, the rain drops set in.

Suddenly, it was decision time: do I keep going? Should I turn around? Try a different path?

And it got me thinking - how often do we do this in our lives? In our businesses?

We set out well intentioned with a plan that suits us.

We check the forecast, prepare as needed.

Yet sometimes, when confronted by the elements, we change our course of action.

Sometimes, we choose to turn around and take cover inside where it is warm and dry, rather than brave the uncertainty and discomfort needed to forge ahead.

Has this happened to you?

In someways, it is a natural instinct to play it safe. We want to protect our business idea, our new relationship, our job, fill-in-the-blank. We are afraid it may not be ready to handle the stress and pressure outside. We don't want to get rained out.

It has happened to me.

I've sparked blooming business ideas that light me up. And kept them sheltered inside, where it may be safe, but it's not helping anyone -- least of all me. I convinced myself they weren't ready, that they might be criticized or judged, getting soggy and crumpled in the storm.

But, just like it gets boring inside on a rainy day, I found myself bored in the safe zone, too.

This burning idea kept at me, asking for more: take me outside! let's splash around in the puddles! Let's make a go of it - regardless of the weather!

Luckily, the voice inside was as stubborn as my toddler and finally convinced me to try something new.

I launched. I tried something new.

Sure, I felt bumps and stumbled a bit along the way. As much as we prepare for things ahead of time, braving the wilderness always teaches us new things and helps us make a more robust system.

Best of all - NOTHING beat the feeling of finally GOING FOR IT.

Of looking at the forecast - all the things that could go wrong - and betting on MYSELF and all the things that could go RIGHT!!!

Staying aligned to my path, despite the weather - this is the BLISS that shines within me. That shines within all of us.

We learn from the weather, we deviate some or add a layer of protection, but we forge ahead.

This morning, I did the same on my walk. And was met with a welcome surprise.

I forged ahead, sticking to my original plan. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but figured I could always turn back if it got too bad. Or deal with getting caught in the rain. How bad could it be?

It turns out - it didn't rain.

I got to take my whole walk, as planned, with just a few sprinkles that never materialized into anything uncomfortable or remarkable.

That's the thing about forecasts. They don't always turnout as planned. And sometimes, they go better than we even expected!

The next time you feel like you're about to come into a rainstorm and are wondering whether to advance or take shelter, remember this.

Put on your rainboots and jump in the puddles.

And consider the possibility that it may never rain at all - that you will get flooded with sunshine and it all turns out better than you even imagined.

Whatever the weather is, you can handle it.

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