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  • Kate Woolsey

Clear out the Clutter

Make room for Joy in your home - and your life.

Our home environment plays a huge role in our mood, energy, productivity, focus and lifestyle. Too much clutter can be a reflection of internal chaos or a cause for general feelings of overwhelm. Take control of your home and reenergize your life.

I like an organized, tidy home but it’s never been my strong suit. I’ve recently made it a priority again and even hired an organizer to help me declutter and reorganize - and, just like Marie Kondo promised, it has been both magical and life changing!!

In just a few weeks, I’ve cleared our closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, storage area and most importantly, I feel like a new woman. There is so much S P A C E in my home, which is translating to a lightness in my energy. I am fired up and waking up more focused, feeling a spike in my creativity, finding myself tidying more on a daily basis - it has been a wonderful turn of events!

If your energy is stuck, try freshening up your home and see if you find the same boost I have! If you’re not sure where to start, try these quick tips:

  • Think of your silverware drawer. Apply this simple concept to your entire home and assign each item a clear place to live when not in use.

  • Keep only what sparks JOY. Ditch the stuff you don’t absolutely love; it is only holding you back.

  • Start small. Go through your makeup, toiletries and medicine cabinet. Responsibly toss any expired or rarely used products.

  • ThredUp. If donation spots in your area are closed due to COVID, check out ThredUp. They will ship you a bag to submit unwanted items in GOOD condition via mail.


For Extra Tips & Guidance:

  • Check out instagram for daily inspiration and tips on keeping a tidy home and life.

  • Read or listen to Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I implemented her method a few years ago and always go back to her advice.

  • Reach out to me to see how I can help you breakthrough this and other areas of your life.

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