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  • Kate Woolsey

Find Your POWER Foods

Identify the foods that nourish you and provide energy, vibrance and excitement!

Not all foods are created equal. Some may taste good, but leave you feeling sluggish, tired, bloated or inflamed. Others are nutritious, but boring and unexciting. It is different for everyone - and can even change over time. That's why its good to know the foods that light you up and keep you going. Power Foods, as I like to call them, should be the superheroes of your diet hit as they hit the perfect trifecta of nutrition, flavor and excitement.

Power Foods bring us LIFE - they are fresh, whole foods, full of nutrients and flavor that we are happy to eat anytime they are offered to us. These are safe foods that get us through elimination diets and do not cause any food sensitivities or reactions. They are traditionally healthy foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals, fiber, healthy fats.

Power Foods are the core ingredients to build a happy, healthy diet that will keep you satisfied, excited and nourished.

To identify your power foods, consider the types of foods you love to eat. What flavors do they have in common: are they sweet or salty? Crunchy or juicy? Refreshing or comforting?

It's possible to have a Power Food in each of these categories, like I do. Take a look at my favorite Power Foods below for some ideas and brainstorm your own.

Healthy fats, fiber, naturally sweet foods and fruits can help satisfy cravings while nourishing your body.

I love to snack on hazelnuts and olives between meals. I use sunflower seeds and sunflower butter to get a happiness boost and fight insomnia. I love stone fruits like peaches and cherries, which are rich and juicy but also high in fiber and promote weight loss. Sashimi is my go to take-out item. I used unsweetened coconut milk in my smoothies every morning. And avocados are so versatile - I love them in salads, smoothies, on their own with a squeeze of lime and a dash of cumin. Pineapple has always been a favorite fruit of mine as well.

When I focus on filling my day with foods I enjoy eating, that provide healthy fats and/or a good dose of fiber, I feel radiant and vibrant!

What are your top POWER FOODS?! Let me know in the comments below!

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