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  • Kate Woolsey

Remember your word of the year?!

If you thought you'd be farther along mastering your chosen word for 2021, you're not alone. And you're not doing it wrong. But you may be looking at it in the wrong way. Here are 3 ways to reframe your thinking and master your word this year.

What word did you choose in January? The one you selected to manifest with the promise of 2021?

A lot of my clients are feeling a mix of emotions around this. Wondering: Shouldn't I be there by now? Shouldn't it feel easier somehow?

Perhaps you are feeling this, too.

You are engaged, dutifully and intentionally showing up to master your chosen concept, and yet, it feels just out of reach. It seems puzzling and a bit elusive. You want to stay committed, but doubt is creeping in.

Well, I'm here to tell you: the doubt is actually part of the process.

Your discomfort is a clue: you are experiencing the transformation from conceptualization to embodiment.

It may feel overwhelming but - alas! Hope is not lost.

I assure you, you ARE making progress. In fact, you are likely about to uplevel. And here are three ways to reframe it so you can FEEL that progress too:

1 - Embrace the lessons

When we call a concept into our lives, we don't wake up the next morning completely masterful. Instead, we wake up to the lessons we need to fully learn this idea. AKA: we don't receive the castle; we receive building materials, blueprints and architects. It's up to us to build the palace, one brick at a time.

What do I mean? Here's a few examples of how it might look for you.

So if you chose "trust" then you are presented with opportunities to trust. This looks and feels like loads of doubt. It is in overcoming the second-guessing that you learn to trust.

If you chose "expand" you better believe you're getting lots of limitations and restrictions to push against and breakthrough.

And "flow"? If you have been feeling stuck, stagnant and blocked - it is not by mistake. You are not doing it wrong. You are being given an opportunity to learn how to loosen, release and get your energy flowing!

So, look around. Where are the building materials? What feels like the exact opposite of what you're looking for? How can you leverage this to transcend and master your word of choice???

2 - Practice

Like the meme says, you must "be brave enough to suck at something new."

When's the last time you really sucked at something? Or even practiced something?

If you ever played an instrument, you know playing the piano doesn't start with Beethoven. Beginner violinists sound like drowning cats - we really suck!

But, this is how it goes. It starts with scales and reading music notes. We assemble these seemingly insignificant competencies into the expertise that eventually let us play Symphony No. 5. It doesn't happen overnight. We show up everyday and we practice.

Sure, we may get discouraged that we're not where we want to be, but we understand that we're building. We cut ourselves some slack because we are learning. And we know each mini skill is providing a foundation to greater levels of mastery.

And the same is true in your development as well.

So, what does this mean for your word?

If you chose "miracle" then embrace the moments when you can choose again. Pay attention to every change of heart. This is the miracle occurring in real time.

If your word is "confidence" then your skill set is built in every time you speak up. Whenever you practice feeling comfortable or taking up space - whether it is on the beach or in a board room - these moments activate your confidence.

You're mastering the concept in micro lessons. Brick by brick. So release the timeline and focus on getting the foundation laid right, right now.

How are you practicing your word? How can you shift your focus from the light at the end of the tunnel to where you are in the tunnel, right now?? Are you open to the details? How can you activate your word on a cellular level?

3 - Keep the dialogue open

In art school, I got frustrated when I couldn't translate ideas in my head into my art. To remedy this, my professor taught me not to paint my vision, but engage in a dialogue with the canvas.

I spoke with my brush and let the resulting expression talk back. I continued responding, receiving - and back + forth it went. The end result was not necessarily the original idea, but rather a more dynamic image. By releasing expectations and engaging with what occurred, a bigger vision to came to life.

The same is true in your life. You may have a clear destination or vision in mind of how you'd like things to turn out. An image of what your word looks like in your life.

And it may feel frustrating when outcomes don't match your expectations. But this is an invitation to open up your conversation with the universe. Not just to learn, but to create something even more magical.

How does this apply to your word?

If you chose "abundance" then feel into it in all the juicy ways it is appearing. The summer heat is abundant. Your coffee may be abundant. Your scarcity mindset may feel abundant. Let go of it coming in one particular way and look at the ways it is present. Without judgement, just as it is.

When you stop expecting it to look a certain way, you can see how it actually is. You can appreciate what is developing in front of you. Instead of being distracted or defeated by judging it, you can get curious. You can learn and respond to it. When you engage in dialogue with the divine, you can make sense of things in a new way. And in doing so, allow a greater vision to emerge.

So, what are you expecting your word to look like? Where is it actually present in your life? How can you engage and open the dialogue?


You are not behind. You are right on time.

Let go of the expectations it should look, feel or be a certain way. These are expectations distract you and distort your perception. They trick you into thinking there is no progress, so you feel like you're beating your head against the same proverbial wall.

But trust me. You are shifting. If you can't see it, then learn where to look.

Your great transformation is built on subtle, internal changes that are deeply rooted and activated on a micro level. They take time to alchemize.

Your expanded self-awareness and curiosity is evidence of growth.

You are approaching the limit.

You are ready to transcend.

Go get' em.




P.S. Pro tip - don't limit your mastery of this word to one year. It's a great focus, but if we're lucky, we'll continue to master greater depths of these concepts over our whole lives. EXHALE. You have plenty of time and the universe has a helluva lot more in store.

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