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  • Kate Woolsey

What are you calling into your life? (Part 2)

My A-Ha moment came when I realized why I have been called into my husband's life.

Talking to my husband recently gave me an a-ha moment I didn't expect.

My husband is super reliable, structured and strategic. He plans ahead, thinks about how things could go wrong and has contingency plans, and is on time for everything. (In case you're unsure, I do not share these superpowers.)

He was talking about his tendency to embrace routine and his preference for planning.

And, adorably, said something along the lines of

"I like spontaneity when I can plan for it."

Then it hit me -- I AM HIS LESSON IN LIFE!

As a total go-with-the-flow, generally care-free, easy-breezy, short-attention-span chick, I am not routine with a penchant for planning, but actually quite the opposite: my desire to leave space for how I'll feel at any given moment tends to make it difficult for me to commit to plans most of the time!

So, how ironic, I thought, that he - who likes and relies on planning so much - would choose me - who clearly does not share the same skillset or interest as his life partner!

But THIS is what it is all about.

Apparently, he has some learning to do around embracing spontaneity, change and disruption. Just as I have learning to do around speaking up and embracing my directness (see Part 1 for more on this).

We have been gifted to each other to help challenge these beliefs and open each other up to new ways of thinking, new ways of being and, eventually I expect, expansion of some major magnitude!

So often, what we resist is what we are here to learn.

The exact thing that grinds our gears is precisely what we're meant to master.

And, when we look closely enough, our teachers are not only all around us - they are often right in front of us!

So today, I invite you to take a closer look:

  • what are you resisting in your life? what challenges keep showing up?

  • who are the people that are in your life with a different perspective or point of view?

  • what places have been significant in your life?

  • what did these places, people and experiences awaken inside of you?

  • how does this relate to your life purpose?

As we come into awareness and alignment with our purpose, we start to realize the lessons, the teachers, the solutions have been there all along. What a precious gift!

If you're having trouble recognizing these in your own life - or figuring out how to go from resistance to mastery, I can help.

Reach out to me with the word "align" to learn more about my 1:1 intensives and 6-week coaching program to get out of the funk and into the flow of your life.

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