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reclaim your intuitive power +

live your most desired life

– with ease!

with divine support tailored-to-you


does this sound like you?

  • You're a driven professional (+ perhaps a parent) with a haunting feeling that something's missing

  • You jump from one to-do-list to the next + can't shake this feeling of wanting more

  • You're constantly putting out fires worry about your true impact at home + work

  • You delay important decision making,

constantly questioning which choice is "right"

  • You crave connection to your higher purpose + want to explore it without blowing up your life

Just imagine if you could

finally trust yourself fully &

feel calm in your core

we're talking truly at ease within -

no matter what comes your way


More Clarity

Imagine waking up in the morning, eager to jump out of bed, feeling happier and more purposeful than you have in years.

More Joy

Imagine enjoying date nights, dance recitals and drinks with the girls, without feeling guilty or worrying something won't get done!

More Ease

Imagine falling asleep at night, knowing you said what you wanted to say - without overthinking or doubting yourself.

Are you ready to step into
your most desired life -- with ease?!

"Alexa Play 'About D@mn Time'"


kind words...

Kate is exceptional!
She is uniquely professional +
her joie de vivre is contagious.
She helps in identifying the underlying
problem + finding a solution. Her program is comprehensive in finding true wellbeing.
So grateful to have found her!

Anna, Professor + Mom of 2

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