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joy finding

a practical approach to delightfulish living,

blending timeless wisdom, optimism + fun


What to do when our strengths distract us

In this episode, Kate's sharing our proven strategies and insights for overcoming perfectionism, a common challenge that many people face when trying to live intentionally. We are also discuss the impact of stress of carrying expectations - even positive ones - and sharing some practical tips for reducing stress.

Episode 10 - What to do when our strengths distract us
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A podcast for those seeking joy, purpose, and balance
in everyday life...

Kate shares practical guidance rooted in timeless wisdom, thoughtfully sharing personal stories + seamlessly blending intellect + intuition to give you the insider secrets of personal development, balance + joyful living.

  • Real life examples + relatable personal stories

  • Timeless insights to decode everyday stressors

  • A relaxing, upbeat approach that's easy on the ears

  • Applicable, digestible advice you can apply as you listen

  • Behind the scenes coaching strategies I use with clients

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