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Personal coaching tailored-to-you

want to dissolve your stress + embrace your resting bliss face?

If you're tired of feeling disconnected from yourself and ready to rediscover the beauty of your life, you're in the right place.  It's time for you to experience the rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit as you infuse the power of holistic solutions, perfectly tailored-to-you. Join me on a journey to reclaim clarity inner peace + purpose so you can step into the next phase of your life and embrace the joy, meaning + ease you crave.


Here, you really can have it all.


success on your terms

7 years ago inside my ivy-league corner office, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery

And that's when everything changed for me.

I had checked all the boxes + ascended the corporate ladder to success,

where I found myself depleted, unfulfilled + wanting more. 


I ventured into the unknown, seeking a higher purpose.

The journey was full of challenges, but I pushed through,

determined to find balance.  And finally, I did.

I found a new sense of freedom.

I discovered new ways of living.

I embraced new perspectives.

And now, I help you embark on your journey of self-discovery,

guiding + supporting you as you redefine success in your life,

helping you to avoid all the struggles + delays that I endured.

So you connect to your higher purpose, deepest fulfillment + lasting joy,

without wasting time or adding one more thing to your to-do list.


Coaching Services Tailored-to-You

No heavy lifting or being fire-hosed with information.

Just bespoke, holistic solutions in the most seamless way possible.


before Burnout

A 6-week coaching program designed to help you rebalance your life + reconnect to what matters most, without missing a beat at home, at work or anywhere in between.

Navigate Life Transitions

Kate's Signature Program.

A personalized 3 Month coaching journey to support + guide you through rediscovering yourself and/or navigating major life transitions,

before or after they start.

Enhance your Leadership

Executive coaching for emerging leaderships optimizing work-life balance, upskilling after promotions + developing their signature, strengths-based management style

a bespoke, holistic approach



"Kate genuinely cares + continues to follow-up.

Before working with Kate, I felt totally overwhelmed. I was scared + alone. I felt unsure + uncomfortable in my own body.  I was lacking joy + fulfillment.

Since working with Kate, I see the value of caring for myself.  I now know

how to prioritize joy + peace and care for myself."

-  Carrie F.

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