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Personal coaching tailored-to-you

want to dissolve your stress + embrace your resting bliss face?

Tired of playing whack-a-mole with stressors, stuckness or self-doubt?  You're in the right place, friend.


Learn to infuse holistic solutions, perfectly tailored-to-you, so you can reclaim clarity, inner peace + purpose.  Step into the next phase of your life and embrace the joy, meaning + ease you crave.  


Here, you really can have it all.


success on your terms

And that's when everything changed for me.

I had checked all the boxes,

ascended the corporate ladder to success +

still, found myself wanting more. 


I began searching for a higher purpose + 

patched together holistic services + supports,

hoping to find what worked best for me.

After many hours, bills, high hopes + false starts,

I finally discovered my inner wisdom +

managed to unblock my own bliss.

Now, I help other generous high-achievers + ambitious caregivers like you on your journey of self-discovery,

providing all the support I wish I had in one place back then.

A personalized, holistic approach rooted in timeless spiritual wisdom + practical guidance that puts Y O U at the center.

So you connect to your purpose, fulfillment +joy,

without wasting time or adding one more thing to your to-do list.


7 years ago inside my ivy-league corner office,
I embarked on a journey of self-discovery

Coaching Services Tailored-to-You

No heavy lifting or being fire-hosed with information.

Just bespoke, holistic solutions in the most seamless way possible.


before Burnout

A 6-week coaching program designed to help you rebalance your life + reconnect to what matters most, without missing a beat at home, at work or anywhere in between.

Navigate Life Transitions

Kate's Signature Program.

A personalized 3 Month coaching journey to support + guide you through rediscovering yourself and/or navigating major life transitions, before or after they start.

Enhance your Leadership

Executive coaching for emerging leaderships optimizing work-life balance, upskilling after promotions + developing their signature, strengths-based management style

a bespoke, holistic approach



"Kate genuinely cares + continues to follow-up.

Before working with Kate, I felt totally overwhelmed. I was scared + alone. I felt unsure + uncomfortable in my own body.  I was lacking joy + fulfillment.

Since working with Kate, I see the value of caring for myself.  I now know

how to prioritize joy + peace and care for myself."

-  Carrie F.

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