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say good-bye stress + 


more joy.

more clarity.

more confidence.

more alignment.

less frustration.

less shame.

More joy in your day to day life

You know that feeling of waking up, glancing at your overbooked calendar + wanting to roll back under the covers?  Yea, we can fix that + show you where to find more joy in your daily experience.

Balance based on your values

People who do not believe in balance are not my people.  The trick is understanding what it means + how it looks in your life.  It is not equal everything, it is relevant priorities.  It will change everything for you, promise.

Simple, personalized tools

No one-size-fits-none tips + tricks here.  Everything we do together will be custom tailored to your learning styles, interests + communication preferences so you get support that suits YOU.


Clear intuitive guidance

My superpower is illuminating your inner wisdom with expertly tailored-to-you questions + oral-trendspotting.  You will get reacquainted with your inner self + as a result, your clarity will soar like never before.

Confidence to get what you want

Through our work together, you will learn exactly what to do to get results you're looking for.  We're not just playing whack-a-mole with symptoms, we're going straight to the root for a full extraction, facial style.

Divine support + synchronicity

During this journey, it will be as if the veil lifts as you find out you're akin to Harry Potter Proper - full of magical powers hiding in plain sight.  You will feel divinely held, delighted by the universe + spot her touch everywhere.

Sealed with Love

this is all possible for you...

in as little as 90 days

There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for Kate.  She has a beautiful and effortless way of extracting key information during your time together and uses that to help you make shifts to live a full life, designed by the one and only you!

- Christy, teacher + mom of 2, new york

See ya,


Imagine waking up in the morning, eager to jump out of bed, feeling happier and more purposeful than you have in years

Good-bye, Guilt

Imagine enjoying date nights, dance recitals and drinks with the girls, without feeling guilty or worrying something won't get done

Farewell, Worry

Imagine falling asleep at night, knowing you said what you wanted to say - without overthinking or doubting yourself

How It Works

bespoke, private coaching | fully customised + tailored-to-you

get clear on

what you want + where you want to go


don't worry if it

feels cloudy now -

I'm a genius at extracting this with expert questions + oral-trendspotting

map out

your journey + take it



I am with you every step of the way, helping you explore + recalculate to find the path that best suits you

learn exactly what

to do to continue

on your own


By the end of our journey,

you will develop unshakable self-trust + know how to move forward 

What Clients Say

"I'm so much more centered and grounded. I feel more confident & stronger in my intuition & gut."


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